Next meeting: Monday 17th October


Love cheese? Come to our HOMAGE to FROMAGE with a talk by Kristen Schnepp of Gringa Dairy.

Gringa Dairy make delicious and authentic Mexican cheeses in the heart of Peckham. The milk comes from farms in Kent and Middlesex before being turned into award-winning cheese.

Come along to hear Kristen’s fascinating journey and of course to sample some very yummy cheese!

There will also be plenty of time to have a drink and chat to other WI ladies.

Heads up

At our November meeting we will be getting hands on and making our own body scrubs – perfect to keep for yourself or to make as an early Christmas gift. As we will be using materials, there will be a £5 charge this month – and also please bring a clean jam jar.

At our December meeting we will be holding our famous (ish) CHRISTMAS QUIZ! If you have any prizes (or know any local businesses who might supply one) do let us know.

Look forward to seeing you on Monday!



Photo: c. Gringa Dairy





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